The idea of Moto Concierge

28 June 2018 / By Krzysztof Hańbicki

The main idea for MOTO CONCIERGE when the project was being created was innovative. An individual specialist (concierge) for your affairs related to purchasing and using a car, who works directly for the Buyer, using his knowledge for the benefit of the Buyer, protecting him/her against traps of the automotive market – is the goal I had from the moment of launching the project.

For me, it is interesting how long the existing model of sales, in which the salesperson represents the seller and its interests, will be the domineering model in comparison to e.g. our business model.

There were already a few market initiatives aimed at introducing solutions which would allow the Buyers more comfort, security, and benefits. The market keeps searching for the perfect solution. I imagine there will be the time when the interest among the Buyers will be sufficiently high to bring about a situation when the Buyer at a point of sales will be free to choose between a salesperson employed by the seller and a concierge, who will represent the Buyer. As an entity independent of the seller, he/she will be able to provide full knowledge on the car, the offer, formal requirements related to a given purchase, and comparison with the offer of other market participants. Choose what is best for the Buyer, the bring the formalities to a conclusion, and deliver the car to the indicated address, to the Buyer’s delight. On request, take care of the current affairs related to the day-to-day use of the car (taking it to the car wash, maintenance, refilling...).

The current state resembles a situation  from over 20 years, when I worked for one of the largest outsourcers in Poland. When it was necessary to explain why it is worthy using an external service – a sufficiently long time has passed and the solutions which then were entering the market are standard nowadays.

I would like to share the market initiatives which support the idea we promote:,23270,1,88389,22459232,ciekawa-oferta-szwedow-volvo-xc40-jak-telefon-w-abonamencie.html – in truth, only: “Once per year, the customer may use the service under which the car will be delivered to maintenance inspection, and then home or under the address indicated.” – but it’s there ;-)

Our customers have used such solutions for years. Now, it is up to you how the automotive market will be like…