I asked several dealerships, but their offers were not satisfactory for me. After contacting MOTO CONCIERGE, I got a professional and unbiased advice, and then offer regarding the specific car, which was positively surprising to me. They also took care of selling my existing car with all formalities, as I had no time to do this. I am going to recommend MOTO CONCIERGE to my friends.

Mariusz WlazłySportsman – volleyball player, member of the polish national team, a multiple medallist

During the cooperation, MOTO CONCIERGE correctly met the tasks set, showing professional approach to customers and timeliness. We highly value both the scope and the quality of services provided.

Andrzej FoltynPartner in the legal firm Domański Zakrzewski Palinka

I use the service of taking care of my cars offered by Moto Concierge. The company takes care of maintaining the cars in a proper condition – refuelling, taking them to the car wash, refuels, and takes care of maintenance. I am fully satisfied with the quality of work. I recommend Moto Concierge as a trustworthy company.

Jarosław AugustyniakFounder of Expander, co-founder of Open Finance, Home Broker and Idea Bank

I needed to buy a reliable, used car that would still be under warranty. I excluded cars offered in Poland. I needed someone who on my behalf would seek, check, and take care of the formalities related to the purchase. Moto Concierge showed professionalism. During the use, a defect was found in the car that was not covered by the Polish warranty from the dealer network due to the fact that the car was imported. The Company showed exceptional determination in pursuing my claims, which resulted in my getting a fully functional car. In other circumstances, I would be exposed to losing huge amounts of time pursuing my claims or a paid-for repair.

Małgorzata WiśniewskaImpel Group

During the cooperation, MOTO CONCIERGE correctly met the tasks set, showing professional approach to customers and timeliness. We highly value both the scope and the quality of services provided.

Krzysztof RosińskiManagement board president at Getin Holding S.A.

I found myself in a situation when I needed a specific car within a specific time frame. I expected non-standard services, as I am a person who is professionally very busy and do not have the time for dealing with the formalities related to purchasing a car. The local dealers had no service to offer to me in this regard.

Moto Concierge quickly provided me with an offer that met my expectations. The formalities of purchasing a car from the dealer were efficiently taken care of, not only those related to purchasing the car at a dealer’s, but also in relation to registration and delivery.

The offer of Moto Concierge is beneficial for both sides of the transaction. It allows one to save lots of time, and, what is also important, money.

Mirosław Sędłak

Thanks to MOTO CONCIERGE we were able to provide the user with a car he expected, which was not available in Europe. I recommend MOTO CONCIERGE as a beneficial alternative to the conventional formula of buying vehicles.

Paweł StrzelczykVehicles lease director, Getin Leasing S.A.

As a direct sales director in the Lower Silesia and Lubuskie province, I personally tested the cooperation for the last 12 months, and then recommended Moto Concierge’s services to my best customers. Each of them was very impressed by the quality and comprehensive character of the services. It turned out the services are unique on the one hand, and indispensable on the other hand, if we want to buy a secondary market vehicle that is 100% working, with no legal defects, and with nearly 100% reliability in terms of its history and origin.

Grzegorz SikoraDirector at GETIN Leasing S.A.

Today, I can enjoy using my Maserati Gran Tourismo. I entrusted MOTO CONCIERGE with the entire process of purchasing and importing this car, including the formalities related to registration, I collected the car ready to go and with tank full. After using the basic offer, I entrusted MOTO CONCIERGE with taking care of my other vehicles.

Jarosław PodwińskiLegal counsellor on behalf of his client

This is an offer that perfectly fits the needs of persons who buy a car. I am glad there is someone to take all the problem off my head in such a situation, will save my time, money, and will allow me to enjoy the best choice possible.

Piotr Skrzyniarz

I recommend it to all who are looking for a car, but have no time for it, or do not feel to be experts in cars. I only needed a consultation with a car I had already chosen and they impressed me with not trying to rip me off with any additional costs. Their professional advice and the honest conversation inspired my trust.

Mateusz Miara

As the most recommended, professional advice!

Estera Janaczek

I highly recommend and encourage you to use MOTO CONCIERGE’s services. It has been a long time since I last experienced such a professional, competent, and reliable approach to the customer. The entire transaction was very smooth and impeccable, and as the customer, I felt fully advised on all details of the transaction. Additionally, the atmosphere in which the entire transaction was conducted makes me 200% satisfied.

Magdalena Fischer