28 June 2018 / By Krzysztof Hańbicki

Dear Sir or Madam,

together with the implementation of the new website edition, we are launching another stage of the brand's operation in the area of ​​MOTO CONCIERGE services. This time the site has been enriched with this blog, in which I will want to introduce you to the genesis of the Moto Concierge service. There will be some history, I will try to answer your questions.

The most tangible aspect of the project development is communication on the website. I would like to present you the first website that communicated the product and its ideas. Please bear in mind that the presented site was created several years ago. At that time, I considered the expression "moto concierge" to be too innovative, the design was called "SELA - your trader".

I will be grateful for your opinions, suggestions regarding what you would like to know directly from me. Send correspondence to:

Krzysztof Hańbicki