Extraordinary limousine for rent

28 June 2018 / By Krzysztof Hańbicki

Dear All,

We offer to you an extraordinary example of one of the most respectable limousines in the world – Jaguar XJ Portfolio with a unique specification.

XJ redefines the notion of a luxury limousine. This model is a perfect combination of immaculate beauty, British luxury, and unbridled power. 660 Nm torque ensures the highest level of dynamism. In this car, the driver will feel with all their senses the rigidity of the suspension and its sports character, and on the other hand, while sitting on the back seat, will appreciate the comfortable interior, carefully finished with high quality materials, worthy of a car on such a level.

Due to the longer wheelbase and Premium package, the back seats are truly business class airline seats, which will cool you on a hot day, and give you a relaxing massage – each of the four passengers can regulate the seat as they want, activate one of four massage programs, or separate ventilation.

The car is equipped with an exquisite car audio system with 1300 W power, made by British experts from Meridian. Each passenger can listen to music through separate, wireless headphones with Jaguar’s logo, found in a suede pouch in the door’s compartment. The car is equipped with an optional entertainment system for back seat passengers, with 10.2 inch HD screens in 16:9 format, allowing them to watch films full screen.

The car has a solution which astonishes everyone – there is an option for the front seat passenger to watch e.g. TV programmes, while the driver only sees the information on the driving parameters or the car settings menu. These are incredible moments when the person, sitting in our White Beast for the first time, tilts their head left and right, not believing the screen really displays two different images at a time. USB or HDMI ports allow to connect smartphones, tablets, and any other multimedia sources. The entire system can be operated via a remote control. The spacious back part of the interior was made to give comfort – folded business tables, LED lamps for reading, upholstered folded footrests, and electrically controlled side blinds for back windows and a separate sunroof for the back seat passengers are also available, to increase the comfort and privacy. The car has an internal intercom, so that the back seat passengers do not have to strain their voice when communicating with the driver in the limousine that is over 5 meters long. The comfort is supplemented with electrically and noiselessly closing doors.

The described car has a unique stylistic configuration: the limousine was finished in shiny white paint, which from the distance emphasises the sophisticated style, and for the contrast, the car was fitted with 20-inch black wheels, tinted back windows and black B-pillar. The complementary external stylistic package makes the car look extraordinary even compared to other limousines of the same model. But this is not all! The interior was finished in highest quality leather in amber colour, the lining was painted high gloss in piano black, and the passengers’ feet rest on carpets made of natural wool... This is a true explosion of luxury.

Taking a back seat of this limousine is a unique experience, and it may add splendour to a family celebration, collecting a business partner from the airport, or provide a unique feeling of comfort when driving to a meeting. Due to over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, and especially dealing with cars of premium makes, we can reliably state that the experience of using our Jaguar XJ, in this specification, is unachievable even to limousines from German makes, which obviously pamper the driver and passengers, but do so in a way that is devoid of such emotions, experiences, and surprises. We respect the noble competition from other perfect limousines, but those who never sat in this extraordinary car had no chance to try the style of English aristocracy yet...  And it is worth it.

We can rent the car on its own, and can also provide the limousine with a driver. Please contact us.