Benefits of cooperation

Are you looking for your dream car?

New car from dealership

We will choose the car that is optioned according to your expectations and will negotiate best pricing.

Used car

We will find the model you want in Poland or abroad.

Car found by you

We will verify its provenience, real value, and technical condition.

Assist in the use of the car

We will take it to maintenance

We will exchange the tires

We will wash the car & clean the interior

We will refuel the car

With us you get:

A better car at a lower price

Professional insight in the car’s technical condition

More time for yourself (we will take care of the finance, purchase, and registration on your behalf)

Additional care while using the car

Servicing, washing, tire exchange? I have a concierge to do that for me!

The clients appreciate our service and recommend it to friends. Join those who gained time, comfort, or money thanks to the services of moto concierge!

Get to know us

Why us?

The originator of the new category of automotive services in Poland is Krzysztof Hańbicki, a professional in the industry with extensive experience working for VIP clients, who for the last 20 years has helped his clients buy cars.

The concept for the service was born when the author of the project worked as a salesman, and then co-creator of car dealerships (connected with such brands as Volvo, Harley-Davidson, BMW, Jaguar, or Land Rover). It was then that he was the first in Poland to see the market demand for consulting services and support with regard to buying and servicing cars. That is how Moto Concierge brand was created.

We are independent, we are not bound by agreements with any of the sellers, we work exclusively towards achieving the possibly highest benefits for our Clients. Our efforts were appreciated by such people as e.g. Mariusz Wlazły, as well as companies (Impel, PiLab, Kancelaria Prawnicza Domański Zakrzewski Palinka) and financing entities, including Getin Leasing S.A., Europejski Fundusz Leasingowy, and Nobleconcierge. They also write about us in the media: „Magazyn Forbes”, „Newsweek”.

We work using our own structures and those of our Partners. We were recommended by business incubators and networks of business angels. Together with the institutions financing car purchases, we created joint Customer Service Points, and these are the results of our cooperation, Arkady point of service. We keep growing.

Our offer

We take care of your interest and your car. We set new standards of services to automotive customers.


We have 20 years of experience in the automotive business. We were the first in the market to offer moto concierge services.


Our services are 100% guaranteed for confidentiality. We ensure safe procedures and discretion at each stage of the relationship.

Transparent rules

We work until we get effects. We do not collect any advances or downpayments. You pay only when the transaction goes through and thanks to us, you gain time and comfort.


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Prepared with your needs in mind

Support during use

As part of the subscription, we provide comprehensive support when using the car.

We take the car for maintenance and for tyre exchange

We take it to the car wash and gas station

We get the car to the address indicated (airport, family celebration, company event, etc.)

We provide other individual services at your request

If you want, we can also sell your existing car.


We also offer car rental, including long-term rental, and limousines with a driver. Please contact us about the above services, and we will be happy to present a customised offer to you.

See Jaguar XJ.

Support when buying a car
We choose the vehicle
and vendor

We help you choose a car that is best adjusted to your needs and expectations. We seek for the vendor that offers the best terms. We assist you in points of sale. We conduct inspections and organise specialist inspections and test drives.

We negotiate
on your behalf

We analyse all offers available in the market, both Polish and foreign ones. We negotiate best prices for you. In some cases the prices we are able to achieve are available only to clients with fleet status (VIP).

We deliver the vehicle
to the indicated address

We buy and deliver to the indicated address any car, regardless of its current location.

We verify the technical

We thoroughly check the condition of the car. To reduce the cost, we start from a telephone interview with the seller. We also check the physical documents, including technical reports on the vehicle’s condition. At the very beginning, we eliminate 95% of unreliable offers. After the end of the first stage, we organise technical inspection by our specialist and obtain the certificate for the car.

We take care
of the formalities

We take care of all formalities required under the law, thus saving lots of your time and nerves. At your request, we will represent you before authorities, we also help getting a loan, lease, insurance, etc.

We ensure
legal protection

We work with legal firms, thanks to which you can feel safe when signing the agreement or making decisions related to e.g. importing the car from another country.

Offer for business

A perfect solution for your company

Moto Concierge is a pioneer in the automotive market, offering top services.

Financial institutions, banks, legal firms, and corporations include our services in their offer as added value for their key clients or employees, thus increasing the prestige of their own brand and making them stand out from the competition.


What do our customers say about us?

I asked several dealerships, but their offers were not satisfactory for me. After contacting MOTO CONCIERGE, I got a professional and unbiased advice, and then offer regarding the specific car, which was positively surprising to me. They also took care of selling my existing car with all formalities, as I had no time to do this. I am going to recommend MOTO CONCIERGE to my friends.

Mariusz WlazłySportsman – volleyball player, member of the polish national team, a multiple medallist

During the cooperation, MOTO CONCIERGE correctly met the tasks set, showing professional approach to customers and timeliness. We highly value both the scope and the quality of services provided.

Andrzej FoltynPartner in the legal firm Domański Zakrzewski Palinka

I use the service of taking care of my cars offered by Moto Concierge. The company takes care of maintaining the cars in a proper condition – refuelling, taking them to the car wash, refuels, and takes care of maintenance. I am fully satisfied with the quality of work. I recommend Moto Concierge as a trustworthy company.

Jarosław AugustyniakFounder of Expander, co-founder of Open Finance, Home Broker and Idea Bank

I needed to buy a reliable, used car that would still be under warranty. I excluded cars offered in Poland. I needed someone who on my behalf would seek, check, and take care of the formalities related to the purchase. Moto Concierge showed professionalism. During the use, a defect was found in the car that was not covered by the Polish warranty from the dealer network due to the fact that the car was imported. The Company showed exceptional determination in pursuing my claims, which resulted in my getting a fully functional car. In other circumstances, I would be exposed to losing huge amounts of time pursuing my claims or a paid-for repair.

Małgorzata WiśniewskaImpel Group


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